Montessori Child Care​

For a period of one hour each day, we follow a Montessori style curriculum. The purpose of the period is to bring the children into an organized group setting with circle time and then to allow them to disperse in an organized way to choose material of their liking. This teaches our children to focus on their own. Some topics covered include the alphabet, number and color recognition, sorting, sequencing, and patterning. This period of individual concentration helps build a foundation for future academic success.

At International Playgroup, we are proud to serve a diverse group of children. For the majority of our children, English is a second language. Although the children are too young to appreciate the diversity, nevertheless, they are exposed to different cultures, different types of food (each lunch box speaks of a culture) and, most importantly, different languages. English and Spanish are the main languages used on a daily basis; however, at drop-off and pick-up time, an array of foreign languages is heard (Russian, German, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Portuguese, Arabic, French, Turkish etc.). This early exposure facilitates learning a foreign language in the future and also creates an appreciation for other cultures.

Art and music are an integral part of our curriculum. Children do their Montessori work and take their nap while listening to classical music. During free play, they listen to children's music from all over the world. For example, they can enjoy music from Africa, Korea, Japan, France, Spain, and India. Also throughout the day, children have access to art supplies, such as colored pencils, crayons, and scissors, to create their unique art. During our Montessori period, children are supplied with paint and brush to work on the easel. We believe art and music encourage a child's imagination to flourish.

If you are interested in our Montessori child care, call International Playgroup in Rockville, MD to speak to someone about our chid care services. We provide the best multi lingual day care in the area.